At Supercare the health and safety of our people on the job, as well as that of all those around them is our top priority. Safety standards are stringent and we only use products safe for humans and the environment. The company also complies with all legal requirements including the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act No.85 of 1993.

Our professionally trained staff and management team are responsible for cleaning a wide range of commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, transport and retail environments. We run five Services SETA approved training centres around the country that develop skills at all levels.

Supercare Services Group (Pty) Ltd became the first company in history of Golden Services Awards, to win the coveted “Cleaning Company of the year” title. We are proud to have won this accolade for 5 consecutive years.

Nominated for 48 awards all categories, the award recognises the achievements and commitment of Supercare employees to deliver the highest standards of excellence.

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