Insect pests are proven carriers of many known diseases and therefore pose a constant threat to food manufacturers, food processing facilities, healthcare facilities and the hospitality industry.

Supercare Pest Solutions offer innovative pest prevention programmes for Cockroaches, Rodents and Flies as well as prevention programmes against stored product pests such as Rice Weevils, Indian Meal Moth, Warehouse Moth, Mealworm Beetle, Flat Grain Beetle, Lesser Grain Borer and Granary Weevils.

Our routine treatment programmes are “pest species” specific and focus on the identification of the pest species followed by specific elimination treatments and maintenance treatment methods. Should the use of insecticides be necessary, they will take the form of systematic applications in the form of insecticidal dust, liquid residuals, liquid non-residuals, baits, non-residual insecticidal gas or insecticidal thermal fog, all of which will be expertly applied throughout the various parts of your facility.

All our treatment methods, pesticides and pest monitoring materials are in strict compliance with the Department of Agriculture, SABS, and local regulations. We are also ISO 9002 compliant.