Personal hygiene away from the home is important to both employees and customers. Apart from being a public health issue, clean, hygienic toilet facilities can have a positive impact on users and their attitude towards your business or organisation.

Supercare Hygiene Solutions offers a range of commercial janitorial services, hygiene solutions and other washroom services to facilitate out of home personal hygiene, including:

  • Soap dispensers – hand hygiene with a range of soaps and foam
  • Safe seat dispensers – protects users from harmful bacteria on toilet seats
  • Femcare bins – functional and stylish design for feminine hygiene needs
  • Sanitiser dispensers- hygiene for toilets and urinals through continuous dispensing
  • Air freshener dispensers – a choice of fragrances and technology
  • Warm air dryers – a range to suit your needs
  • Paper towel dispensers – from automatic to manual feed options
  • Toilet tissue dispensers – full range of dispensers and paper refill options
  • Dust control and grease trap mats – wide range of standard and custom size mats with or without company logos
  • Ozone air purifier
  • Deep cleaning – reaching and cleaning those often neglected places in urinals, shower drains, toilet pans and rims, cleaning of kitchen drains and hand basins as well as odour prevention